5 Things I’d Like to Make this Month (and 1 Thing I might actually make) If Only I Had the Time

  1. Dip Dyed Kitchen Towels I found Sweet Paul Magazine while wasting time the other day. I was so amazed at what I found! I wanted to pin the _whole_ site! What a beautiful site and a great selection of crafts. Since we just did the Natural Dyeing workshop, I was happy to find a dyeing project and I love the look of this project: simple, clean and beautiful – almost too beautiful to be a kitchen towel. He had several other great dip dye projects and I am now concocting in my brain all sorts of dip dye projects. Perhaps one with the kids from plant dyes from our neighborhood – kind of a colors of the neighborhood project. More research is required…
  2. This ribbon bracelet is so easy and I think I have an antique clasp in a jar full of my grandmother’s old buttons… this one, might actually get made!
  3. Fabric Rug Pattern At the Dye workshop some of us were lamenting the amount of scrap fabric we accumulate. I hate to throw it out (and after learning about all the waste involved in textile manufacuring, I am even more hesitant to throw it out!), but I often don’t know what to do with it. Someone mentioned making a rug. Hmmm.  I ran across this pattern/tutorial and thought about how great it would be to work on one of these! As she says “Crocheting fabric instead of yarn opens up all kinds of design possibilities not found with traditional yarn. Like polka dots.”
  4. Fairy Tale Knits OK, I would never really be interested in making one of these, but I find them so funny and sweet! I want someone else to make them for me, I mean, my kids. Isn’t that one of the great things about being part of a maker community?
  5. Twirly Skirt I think my niece Emma needs this. Her birthday is in May, so this might actually get made next month probably a few days after her actual birthday, or in June, or maybe it will be a great Christmas present!
  6. Gold Leaf Cat Bracelet And then there is this! yowza. I feel like I need something like this in my life… I could grab some of Augie’s dinosaurs and make a great bracelet or necklace. So fun!

- By Ann Marie

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